Who We Are

At RLA, we are deeply committed to our local communities and take pride in the meaningful impacts we’ve made after 30 years of projects and client relationships. As a full-service creative landscape architecture firm, we offer experienced design leadership, project management and irrigation for all of our projects. This allows us to work efficiently and accurately while delivering innovative, sustainable and thoughtful designs for a competitive fee.    


RLA (Ridge Landscape Architects) is a professional landscape architectural firm that offers over 30 years of experience in shaping the outdoor spaces of Southern California. We serve our clients with humility and take pride in the impact that our work has on local communities. We work creatively and listen closely to each other, allowing voices to be heard, leading to the best possible solutions for our projects and the people that enjoy them. We are passionate about what we do and how we do it.


Our combination of technical skill, knowledge and intuitive design sense, provides our clients with a professionally crafted and high-quality product. We maintain our technical capabilities through perpetual education and mentorship so that we’re able to efficiently and seamlessly communicate design ideas with clients and other design disciplines. Whether it’s drafting accurate and thorough construction details, massing three-dimensional digital models or quickly aligning the design to the sensibilities of project stakeholders, RLA is skilled in executing design solutions. Our knowledge of industry standards, current product specifications, probable construction costs and long-term maintenance issues is the result of experience gained in overseeing numerous projects from master planning through construction phase.


RLA incorporates sustainable solutions in every design and has worked with professional teams to achieve LEED certification for several projects. Within our staff we have both LEED and SITES accredited professionals. Our in-house irrigation design employs the most current water conserving methods including drip irrigation, smart weather-based controllers and water harvesting. We know drought tolerant landscapes, water quality measures and restrictions, sustainable construction practices and the native ecosystems of Southern California; it’s what we are immersed in every day.


We pride ourselves in being local. It’s important to RLA to provide a level of service that only someone nearby can give, and information that only someone in the area would know. We specialize in Southern California and our clients can attest to our proficiency. Our projects aren’t on opposite sides of the globe and neither is our attention. We are here for the needs of our clients and projects.